About Me

I grew up in Indiana building rockets and hacking electronics. At Cornell University, I focused on designing, building, and the testing avionics and GNC subsystems of multiple spacecraft. I also ran the Cornell Maker Lab, an excellent resource for student prototype development. I was a PhD student at CU Boulder, where I got my master's degree in the Entry systems Design Lab under Robert D. Braun on developing algorithms for landing rockets.


The University of Colorado Boulder

MS in Aerospace Engineering MS by Fall '19

Working in the Entry systems Design Laboratory under Dr. Braun. I worked on online optimization solutions to the powered descent guidance problem.

Cornell University

BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering May 2018

With minors in Archaeology and Aerospace. I have vectored my degree towards signals and control systems. I also ran the Cornell Maker Laboratory since 2016. I also did half of my MEng there.



GNC Engineer Hawthorne, CA February '20 -- Present

Guidance and control algorithm development for a new satellite project flying in 2020 :)


Associate Engineer Redmond, WA Summer '19

I ran environmental test campaigns on V1.0 constellation attitude determination and control hardware, designed Starlink gateway gimbal actuator control boards, and worked on flight simulation framework.


Associate Engineer - Starlink Attitude Control Systems Redmond, WA Summer '18

Designed, built, and test flight hardware and software for star trackers on the next generation constellation. Wrote online star tracker debris filtering algorithms. And some other stuff.

Cornell University Space Systems Design Studio

Avionics Lead Ithaca, NY August '14 - May '18

I led the avionics teams on the Violet Nanosatellite, Cornell Artificial Gravity Cubesat, and Akash Systems satellite. I spent 6 semesters bringing Violet's legacy COTS avionics system to full functionality and held pre-integration and pre-ship reviews with the Air Force Research Laboratory. I led the full-system avionics development of our artificial gravity 3U satellite from block-diagram to traces on boards. All boards were designed in-house. I spent one semester working on the budget-level COTS design of the 6U Akash Systems spacecraft meant to demonstrate communications transponders in the 100Gb/s to 1Tb/s range.

Blue Origin

Avionics Hardware Intern Kent, WA Summer '17

I built and tested an RF link simulation tool for the New Shepard testbed. I can't talk about it!


Avionics Intern - Dragon RF Hawthorne, CA Summer '16

I worked on a TDRSS reradiation system for testing S-band communications on the Dragon vehicles. I developed other RF tools and performed post-mission analysis on Dragon RF subsystems. I held PDR and CDR level meetings with SpaceX and the Jet Propulsion Lab's Deep Space Network Team.


Launch Intern - SLC39A/40 Cape Canaveral, FL Summer '15

I worked on the instrumentation and range operations hardware required to support the Falcon 9 and Heavy vehicles. During this summer I witnessed the unfortunate CRS7 anomaly from one pad away.

Ursa Space Systems

Systems Engineer Ithaca, NY August '16 - February '17

I worked on the first design iteration of avionics for a synthetic aperture radar demonstration spacecraft "BearSAR."